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Do the thing: Kim (KOR) v Szilagyi (HUN)

Happy new year, everyone!

I was going to post something from the epic ass-kicking that was the Kim v Szilagyi semifinal from New York. There’s a ton of seriously impressive 4m work from Kim in the bloodbath that was the second half, but  I’m not allowed to talk about the interesting stuff.  If anyone wants to know what we know about the start line tactics he’s using here, come to our workshop this weekend, we’re going to be all over that stuff, but I ain’t putting it in writing. Sorry.

The clear highlight of the match, in any case, is the reaction shot of Szilagyi after Kim’s (successful) video appeal towards the end of the first half. It’s amazing.

The thing with the eyebrow. Dear lord.

Mind you, Kim Junghwan has his own eyebrow thing that he does, although I’m yet to see him deploy it in a match.

Kim Junghwan does the thing with the eyebrow

Anyway, much as I would love to see some sort of epic eyebrow battle between these two, Kim clearly decided to to the thing with the ruthless sabre tactics instead. It was vicious perfection, and a neat synopsis of Kim’s game.

That thing. Right there. That’s the one.

Everyone loves a good flunge.


Also, nice breakdancing:

Anyway, the official version of the match, with so-bad-it’s-good commentary, is available here:

Meanwhile the much hipper bootleg CyrusofChaos version is available here:

Have fun with that.

Anyway, thanks for being with us this year! We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2015.

The Prodigy: The sabre game of Aron Szilagyi

Here’s the next in our series of compilation videos profiling the most exciting fencers on the FIE men’s sabre circuit and what makes them cool. Totally subjective, no particular technical analysis thrown in, just amazing stuff.

Here is the golden boy himself, reigning Olympic champion, world #3, most beloved by coaches and technical sabre buffs everywhere. He manages to combine both exquisite refinement and ferocious savagery into a single spectacular athlete. The bladework. the footwork, the distance.

As always, crank up the music.

It’s roughly divided into sections:

1. Holy mother of god, what was that?? How is that even a thing? That was set up, right?

2. Parries. So much parries. They looked like they might have hurt.

3. Counterattacks.  HOW DID HE DO THAT? 0_o

4. Marching attacks. Just give up, other guy, you’re not getting out of this one alive.


I like the way you move: Gu Bongil (KOR): Epic Sabre Compilation

This was inevitable, really.

Gu Bongil, World #1, is a sabre prodigy with the most extraordinary attack of any fencer on the circuit. His lunge leaves biomechanics experts speechless and his counterparries are terrifyingly fast, but almost every other element of his game is built around a hilariously incongruous clumsiness. Word has it he’s rather irritating to fence.

Here he is, in all his glory. As always, crank up the music.

I’ve broken it roughly into sections:

  1. Funny stuff
  2. Long attacks in the 4m zone
  3. Takeovers
  4. Counterattacks
  5. Counterparries
  6. 4m parries
  7. Marching attacks
  8. Attacks on prep and short attacks in the 4m zone
  9. Moar funny stuff
  10. War cries

Massive thanks to CyrusOfChaos and LeeKyuJin for video.


Chaos Theory: The sabre game of Kim Junghwan

Time for something different today.

Just for my own amusement, I’ve started making a series of videos profiling the fencers I follow on the FIE pro circuit, to show why they’re awesome and worth watching.

First up is Kim Junghwan, current world #2. His game is sabre made of pure athleticism and combat instinct. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in my opinion it’s exactly the kind of thing that makes the sport exciting.

I’m going to make a series of these in the lead up to the start of the 2014-2015 FIE season. Like Epic Hit Of The Day, it’s purely subjective and based on what I reckon is cool, with no pretensions to serious analysis or a systematic process. I hope it’s enjoyable anyway.

Sabre, it’s fun!

Kim victory dance

Warning: Tropes may….or may not be, exactly what they seem.

Guest post from the team at Hot Fencer Of The Day

The trope of the chameleon character is as old as the oldest oldness in Old-onia. The idea that one begins as an ugly duckling, goes through a series of character building experiences and/or makeovers (usually established with a visual montage), and is then revealed at the end as a god or goddess of hotness upon the earth.
It’s a standard trope, a much used one; perhaps because it rings true with teen experience, or desire.
Either way, the subject is irrevocably changed, and can no longer exist as its former self if it wants to take advantage of its “new hotness” as Agent J would say.

And then…..then there are those who possess the ability to not only exist as their former selves, but also as their “new hotness”, and vacillate between the two as circumstance and desire dictate. Those who possess a facultative quality, a hotness that is capable of, but not restricted to existing within a single set of circumstances; or occurs optionally in response to circumstances rather than by nature. Who can walk like super-models, yet fight like thugs.

To that End:

Gu Bon Gil, 25, World #1
Kim Jung Hwan, 31, World #2
Men’s Sabre, Korea.

Mr Gu Bon-Gil, shy and reserved.
Mr Gu Bon Gil, shy and reserved.

Mr Kim Jung-Hwan, the debonair swordsman and charismatic charmer.
Mr Kim Jung Hwan, the debonair swordsman and charismatic charmer.

Team mates...
Team mates…

and best buds.
and best buds.

Always ok to take photos with fans
Always ok to take photos with fans

Don’t mind looking a bit dorky from time to time
Don’t mind looking a bit dorky from time to time

Happy to dance with all the ladies….
Happy to dance with all the ladies….

and hang with the guys.
and hang with the guys.

They enjoy dressing well…
They enjoy dressing well…

… looking dapper.
… looking dapper.

But then the kit comes out…..
But then the kit comes out…..

and all bets are off
and all bets are off

They strike with impunity….
They strike with impunity….

Make their enemies weep.
Make their enemies weep.

Until they clash with each other in a Battle Royale
Until they clash with each other in a Battle Royale

Every point counts….
Every point counts….

Every point is a victory…
Every point is a victory…

Every victory a perfect moment…
Every victory a perfect moment…

Every moment worth it’s weight.
Every moment worth it’s weight.

When it’s all over….
When it’s all over….

They’re best buds again.
They’re best buds again.

Still, shy and reserved….
Still, shy and reserved….

…..always the debonair swordsman and charismatic charmer.
…..always the debonair swordsman and charismatic charmer.

Work that Photogenesis, baby!

Guest post from the team at Hot Fencer Of The Day

In an age of prolific visual stimuli, from selfies to snapchat, high end to low res, it was only a matter of time until Evidence Based Hotness Theory came to discussing the state of being photogenic. To define: A subject is photogenic if appearing aesthetically attractive or appealing in photographs.
The state of being photogenic may or may not be related to one’s physical attractiveness in real life. Models are usually described as photogenic. The bone structure of their faces may represent something that is not generally pretty, but when photographed, their features can turn into something that is physically attractive.
However, attractive people are not always photogenic, in that part of their attractiveness may be due to charisma. The way they move, express, carry themselves. While this will positively influence the subjective appearance of that person in real life, a still photograph generally fails to reproduce these attributes, possibly contributing to classify that person as less photogenic.

And then we come up against someone who bucks both trends in being both photogenic and charismatic. It could be posited that these people emit a light of their own, a phosphorescence of hotness in the physical and subjective plane. A photogenesis, if you will. No matter which way you see them, speak with them, observe them, there is not an iteration of them which does not appear to be hot.

Offered without further comment*:

Szilágyi Áron, 24, Men’s Sabre, Hungary

He's hot....
He’s hot….
...when he's happy...
…when he’s happy…
....when he's celebrating....
….when he’s celebrating….
....when he's showing off his dimples.....
….when he’s showing off his dimples…..
....when he's sharing with others....
….when he’s sharing with others….
.....when he's helping his opponents.
…..when he’s helping his opponents.
He's hot.....
He’s hot…..
...when he's sad.....
…when he’s sad…..
....when he's scruffy looking.....
….when he’s scruffy looking…..
.....very scruffy looking *wink*....
…..very scruffy looking *wink*….
....when he's on the piste....
….when he’s on the piste….
....when he's tired and sweaty.....
….when he’s tired and sweaty…..
.....when he's fired up....
…..when he’s fired up….
.....when he's chilled out....
…..when he’s chilled out….
....when he's modelling.....
….when he’s modelling…..
....when he's serious.....
….when he’s serious…..
...when he's being a smart ass....
…when he’s being a smart ass….
....when he's not....
….when he’s not….
....when he's being interviewed.....
….when he’s being interviewed…..
.....when he's being soulful......*sigh*
…..when he’s being soulful……*sigh*

*obviously that’s just a turn of phase. I am always going to have comments :)

Ministry of Fencing

Guest post from the team at Hot Fencer Of The Day

In the land of Evidence Based Hotness Theory, it’s mostly always sunshine and lollipops (and daybeds and erlenmeyer flasks…..what?!?!) I mean, how could it not be? We are doing ground breaking research in to the science of hotness (SCIENCE!!!), we are on the cutting edge of theoretical exploration in this area, and may be the only scientists in the world applying this theory to Fencers. We have peer review (true) and government grants!(possibly untrue). It is an exciting time to be alive! It’s also an exciting time to be saying “forsooth!!”, but we try and do that all the time, so we shan’t focus on that today.
So what is happening today in this magical, magical land of science? Well………

Alejandra Benitez Romero, 34, Women’s Sabre , Venezuelan Minister for Sport

Meet the Venezuelan Minister for Sport......
Meet the Venezuelan Minister for Sport……
She's very serious about the image she portrays
She’s very serious about the image she portrays
Sports medals should be a pre-requisite....
Sports medals should be a pre-requisite….
...for all sports ministers internationally.
…for all sports ministers internationally.
She knows how to handle parliament...
She knows how to handle parliament…
......can shut down the opposition...
……can shut down the opposition…
TOTALLY gets PR...
...and still finds time to compete.
…and still finds time to compete.
......this is a control picture.......
……this is a control picture…….
controls are Science!!
controls are important……to Science!!
There's no such thing as too many controls.....
There’s no such thing as too many controls…..
Nap time now.
Nap time now.

To Olga go the Spoils!

Guest post from the team at Hot Fencer Of The Day

World Championships. They came, they saw, many kicked ass and some took names. But now a bevvy of the worlds best sabreurs are headed home (and with pretty much mandatory interesting flight connections, they might get there next week). Some come away be-medalled, some beaming with pride, others bemoaning their luck (and possibly some bedazzled….hey, what happens at World Champs stays at World Champs). Crowns have been passed on to new recipients, and their time in the sun has just begun. All hail the glorious victors!
I for one welcome our new Sabreur Overlords, but they might have a fight on their hands securing the best rooms at the fancy World Champions Palace of Victorious Victory (this is a real place, I didn’t just make it up), since the only Wold Champ to defend her title, already has dibs on the 206sqm penthouse apartment with elevator, dining-room, living room, gym, kitchen and bakery overlooking a private garden, three bedrooms with dressing rooms, secluded balconies, and luxury bathroom ensuites (everyone else has to fight over the remaining high end three bedroom apartments that don’t come with bakeries or private gardens) And seriously, after watching her bouts, you don’t want to argue with this lady. Not at all.

Olga Kharlan, 23, Ukraine, Women’s Individual Sabre World Champion 2013 & 2014


She's a really lovely gal
She’s a really lovely gal
and a great neighbour...but don't touch her stuff..
and a great neighbour…but don’t touch her stuff..
She absolutely can take you...
She absolutely can take you…
....and make you cry.
….and make you cry.
Do not be fooled by the innocence!!!
Do not be fooled by the innocence!!! really, don't be fooled...
…no really, don’t be fooled…
Well, I did warn you..
Well, I did warn you..
She has five clones, and by their power combined...
She has five clones, and by their power combined…
..she kicks ass. Here she's giving Russia what for...
..she kicks ass. Here she’s giving Russia what for…
She's already moved in anyway....
She’s already moved in anyway….
...and redecorated....
…and redecorated….
This is her table...
This is her table…
Best not to argue.
Best not to argue.
And the slumber parties....
And the slumber parties….
....they are serious business.
….they are serious business…..