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Run with the wolves: The sabre game of Alexey Yakimenko

Alexey Yakimenko has a reputation for being a really cool guy: doesn’t make drama, hangs out with the fencers from the crappy teams, generally gets along with everyone. Once the mask comes down, though, the guy is a beast. His 4m game is one of the best on the circuit and his close-range parries are terrifying. This ain’t pretty or delicate artistry of the sword we’re looking at here.

Turn up the bass and watch him kill ’em all.

The Prodigy: The sabre game of Aron Szilagyi

Here’s the next in our series of compilation videos profiling the most exciting fencers on the FIE men’s sabre circuit and what makes them cool. Totally subjective, no particular technical analysis thrown in, just amazing stuff.

Here is the golden boy himself, reigning Olympic champion, world #3, most beloved by coaches and technical sabre buffs everywhere. He manages to combine both exquisite refinement and ferocious savagery into a single spectacular athlete. The bladework. the footwork, the distance.

As always, crank up the music.

It’s roughly divided into sections:

1. Holy mother of god, what was that?? How is that even a thing? That was set up, right?

2. Parries. So much parries. They looked like they might have hurt.

3. Counterattacks.  HOW DID HE DO THAT? 0_o

4. Marching attacks. Just give up, other guy, you’re not getting out of this one alive.


I like the way you move: Gu Bongil (KOR): Epic Sabre Compilation

This was inevitable, really.

Gu Bongil, World #1, is a sabre prodigy with the most extraordinary attack of any fencer on the circuit. His lunge leaves biomechanics experts speechless and his counterparries are terrifyingly fast, but almost every other element of his game is built around a hilariously incongruous clumsiness. Word has it he’s rather irritating to fence.

Here he is, in all his glory. As always, crank up the music.

I’ve broken it roughly into sections:

  1. Funny stuff
  2. Long attacks in the 4m zone
  3. Takeovers
  4. Counterattacks
  5. Counterparries
  6. 4m parries
  7. Marching attacks
  8. Attacks on prep and short attacks in the 4m zone
  9. Moar funny stuff
  10. War cries

Massive thanks to CyrusOfChaos and LeeKyuJin for video.


Chaos Theory: The sabre game of Kim Junghwan

Time for something different today.

Just for my own amusement, I’ve started making a series of videos profiling the fencers I follow on the FIE pro circuit, to show why they’re awesome and worth watching.

First up is Kim Junghwan, current world #2. His game is sabre made of pure athleticism and combat instinct. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in my opinion it’s exactly the kind of thing that makes the sport exciting.

I’m going to make a series of these in the lead up to the start of the 2014-2015 FIE season. Like Epic Hit Of The Day, it’s purely subjective and based on what I reckon is cool, with no pretensions to serious analysis or a systematic process. I hope it’s enjoyable anyway.

Sabre, it’s fun!

Kim victory dance