A spirited exchange: Szilagyi (HUN) v Won (KOR)

I can’t express how much I love this hit. You could watch this for hours and keep getting valuable material. It’s about as perfect an encapsulation of top-level sabre as you could ask for: the best  footwork, bladework, distance and timing of two of the most exciting and dynamic fencers in the world, both on the top of their game, in a well-balanced and controlled rally. Exquisite.

I’d like to do a detailed technical writeup on it, but the thing is so sophisticated I don’t even know where to start. There’s literally hours of coaching data in there. I’ll put it on the project list.

In even better news, it’s not just that hit: the whole bout is great. If I had to pick just one match from the 2013-2014 season to watch, it would be this one. Aron Szilagyi on his home turf, Won Wooyoung on fire.  Video courtesy of CyrusofChaos:

Just brilliant.

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